Welcome to Midlands Biofuels!


NEW BioDiesel Production Record SET!!

Each month we continue to improve our process and Q1 BioDiesel Production Numbers are our Highest EVER!!!
Since February of 2013 Midlands Biofuels has undergone massive re-tooling of the plant and production process.

We have eliminated using Water to purify our fuel and increased the quality of what we produce in the process. I never thought we could make such high quality fuel without the use of water.

We revamped our heating system and added a Sustainable heating solution - it is a waste oil boiler that can run on process waste from the plant that we generate and it can burn waste oil we collect around the state as well. This has allowed us to stop using non-renewable Natural Gas to heat our process.

With the new heating system online we have been able to increase methanol recovery efficiency. We are now recovering nearly 30% more on each production run than before.

We have built an entirely new process for dealing with waste from our cooking oil purification process. We now haul waste from 13 other plants in the Southeast to help dispose of their waste and reduce their operating costs.

These are just some of the amazing things we have been accomplishing here at Midlands BioFuels. Stay tuned for even more good news!

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