Welcome to Midlands Biofuels!


1ST Woman Owned Biodiesel Plant in America

After 5 years of supporting Midlands Biofuels "BioBeth" has become the 51% owner.  Making Midlands Biofuels the 1st Woman owned Biodiesel company in the America!
BioBeth is not only a board certified ER Doctor but is also now CFO of one of the nation's fastest growing Biodiesel plants. Since inception of Midlands Biofuels, she she has backed every single loan Midlands Biofuels has ever had to keep our little Bio business growing. Now she has taken a very active role making our business profitable. Learning about Tax codes, Insurance, Banking, RIN management, and Project planning. There is nothing she can't do!


Beth is a Leader and a Role Model to all. Believing in balance in life and the workplace. "I don't know how we made it this far without her at the helm!" said BioJoe. "Since she has actively been working in the business we have cut efficiencies and increased profits in everything we do." It is amazing how having someone so smart working "In" the business can make such a difference in such a short period of time.


Look for BIG things from Midlands Biofuels in the coming Months!