About Midlands Biofuels

A small company with a BIG DREAM!   

Midlands Biofuels was formed in September of 2008 and is a locally owned and operated recycling company located in Winnsboro, SC. We began as home brewers and decided to develop our passion for alternative fuels into a sustainable recycling business. We produce Biodiesel using Waste Vegetable Oils (WVO) generated from the food service industry and we provide specialized services and products for restaurants and other oil green collection companies. Our mission is to increase the availability of alternative fuels in South Carolina and create sustainable green jobs in the biofuels industry. Since 2008, we have produced 2.5 Million Gallons of Biodiesel from waste grease thus reducing our need for foreign oil in SC. We have created 13 jobs and trained over 30 interns about the biodiesel industry. Without your waste grease none of this would be possible. Fueling SC's future one gallon of nasty waste grease at time.  

Co-founder and Process Engineer "BioJoe" speaking with former Governor Mark Sanford about the future of Biodiesel in South Carolina.  

"We believe there is a real opportunity to produce biodiesel from local resources and help build the infrastructure for South Carolina's future biodiesel demands."

Midlands Biofuels is now privately owned and operated and is now also a Woman Owned business.  Husband and wife duo Beth and BioJoe, bring a wealth of skills and experience to the business and creativity to the industry.

 Dr. Beth Renwick, CEO - BioJoe's Wife and now 51% owner is the Woman with the Pants!  In addition to being an ER Doctor Beth also helps crack the whip and keeps all of the "Midlands Biofuelers" in line.  She handles the taxes, books, and strategic planning among other things around the plant.   

 Joe Renwick, Founder and Process Engineer- A 2001 Citadel graduate, has spent most of his professional life running his own businesses.  While working in the Biotech equipment sales industry he developed a passion for biodiesel and a knowledge of pumps, tanks, and valves.  Joe has devoted the past 3 years to researching, engineering and building a high efficiency biodiesel production facility. He has worked with NASA engineers to develop the first Boilerless Technology(TM) heating system in the industry, as well as an increased efficiency methanol recovery system for their plant.  Joe has been accredited as both the SC Steps to STEM Mentor and Apprenticeship Carolina Mentor which was the first green apprenticeship program in the state.  Joe has presented at numerous industry forums discussing their company and the technology they have developed.  

Erwin Renwick, "Mr. Fix It"- Joe's Father and Jack of All Trades. Erwin keeps everything in working order. In addition, Erwin assists in plant process design and refinement, detailed technical work, and has a deep knowledge base from which to draw. His 64 years of practical experience in areas such as: the Army as a Motor Sgt., architect, owner of multiple businesses, marketing, construction, mechanic, and other experiences give him a unique skill set that has proven invaluable to the company.

Matt Renwick - Plant Operations Manager - BioJoe's Big Brother and fellow Citadel graduate, Matt helps manage the books and day to day activites at the plant.  His years of experience working for one of the nations largest heavy equipment rental companies gives him the unique ablity to see problems from all angles. 

Louis Smithson - Brew Master -  Louis makes all of our Biodiesel fuel.  He has set both production records as well as fuel quality records.  With each passing month he hones is skills and perfects the process even more to increase yields to over 83% using up to 7% FFA oils. 

Phillip McGuffee - Special Services Manager -  Phillip handles all of our detailed projects from pump rebuilds to process design and implementation, he is always "Johnny on the Spot".  There is no project to big for him to wrap is brain around.  A true diamond in the ruff.  He is also our resident expert with all things Mercedes Diesel.  He is for HIRE to work on yours too, just contact us.

Daryl Watts - Regional Collections and Grease Trap Service Specialist - One of the newest members of the team, Daryl has years of CDL driving experience and hauling knowledge.  He covers Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and SC hauling waste from other biodiesel plants for further processing at our plant in our newly built system.  Daryl hauls over 100,000 per month helping reduce waste disposal costs at 12 other plants in the Southeast that process waste oil into biodiesel feedstock.

Midlands Biofuels future goals include developing alternative fuels education opportunities by working with local schools and universities to develop new production methods and testing standards for the state of South Carolina. Our plan for long term growth is to build several biodiesel plants strategically located around the southeast. We believe our business model is the most economically efficient model for making biodiesel available in South Carolina. We have also developed a network around our business that we believe will be able to influence the future of biodiesel in the state of South Carolina and beyond.


Midlands Biofuels Summer 2010 Interns (left to right, Tyler Bahnmuller, Caleb Garrison and Antonio Negrete) Pictured above (L to R): Zan "The Bio Man" Levy, Jason Hubbard (USC Intern), Antonio Negrete (Production Assistant), Vanessa Yiannikauros (USC Intern, bottom right) and Abby Horn (USC Intern, top right) Our resource partners include the South Carolina Biomass Council and the University of South Carolina.