Please Support Our Partners

Midlands BioFuels loves your Waste Cooking Oil!  Thank you loyal Customers!  We have over 200 clients most of which are privately owned small "Mom and Pop Shops" but we love them all.

With their waste cooking oil we are able to fuel road trips like Mat Davis's to South by Southwest.  He drove his 300D Mercedes from our plant to this event powered by our beautiful biodiesel.  (Notice the fuel cans strapped on his car.)

"Bio Adam" loves our BIO TOO.  This truck will run on anything you can pour in it that will burn.  Motor oil, transmission fluid, gas, kerosene, diesel, cooking oil, anything!  Though 100% Biodiesel runs the smoothest and produces the least smoke.

It's thirsty for Biodiesel!

Below you can see Blythewood Oil filling up the Cape May Tug Boat in Charleston, SC


Midlands Biofuels just recently partnered with U.S. Food Service. Our biggest account yet!