We Want Your Used Oil!

We use Waste Vegetable Oil or WVO to produce our biodiesel and we want your used vegetable oil and are now willing to PAY FOR OIL upto $1.00 per gallon!!!

Biodiesel is a cleaner burning renewable fuel, all for use here in the United States and more importantly made here in South Carolina! Almost every gallon we collect is made into a gallon of Biodiesel. Midlands Biofuels can provide you with a seamless transition of waste grease collection services. No matter how much waste grease you produce we will be glad to pick it up. You can also bring your waste oil to us at local recycling centers in numerous recycling centers all over SC. Best of all, Our waste oil collection services are FREE!

Why Midlands Biofuels? We are your "One-Stop Shop" for all of your kitchen service needs.

Pictured above is the full line of our custom grease collection containers that we co-designed made from recycled plastics.  From 5 or 15 gallon Grease Caddy's to transport grease from your fryer to collection bins that range in size from 60 / 100 / 150 / 300 gallons everything is designed with our users in mind.  These units are Over Flow Proof, Theft Proof, and are designed to Reduce Spills and Nasty Collection Areas.  They are low to the gound (33 inches) and have HUGE openings that are easy to hit and you can leave containers on them to drain on.  EXCLUSIVE to MIDLANDS BIOFUELS CUSTOMERS!  A lot of our cusomers sign up just to get our grease colleciton systems.  Call 803-718-6323 to get yours today!

All of our services are now handled in house to ensure the quality of work performed and to reduce your headaches in the kitchen!  You just keep cooking the food and let Midlands BioFuels handle the rest and save you up to 20-30% while doing it!  Because of our fully sustainable business practices we can offer our customers higher quality services while keeping our prices low!

"Some of our services may not be free but they all will be the best!"- BioJoe

Waste Cooking Grease Collection - Grease is Used to make BioDiesel

Grease Trap Services - Grease is Used to Make Heating Fuel

Line Jetting - Keep Drains flowing like they are new!

Steam Pressure Washing Services - Steam is generated by burning BioDiesel we make from your waste grease.

Full Cleaning Product Line Made in SC - All of which are Safe and eco-friendly yet powerful!  Hood, Counter, Floor, and Drain Cleaners

Local service Quick response, timely pick-ups & free 24 hour emergency service calls  We provide 60, 150, and 300 gallon waste cooking oil collection containers and pick up your oil on a schedule that fits your needs. AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH!  Professional service, responsible recycling, and the opportunity to make a difference in our community and make our world a better place are a few reasons why Midlands Biofuels the only choice for your waste oil collection. Make a responsible choice to recycle with Midlands Biofuels and be part of the solution today.  

Call us or e-mail us today & help be part of the solution! Phone: 803-718-6323 Email: customerservice@midlandsbiofuels.com Or come by and see us on Main Street Winnsboro! 310 South Congress StreetWinnsboro, SC 29180